Tuesday Magic Item – Dreadnought Armor

11 February, 2015

Neigh invulnerableVoddick held his side.  “I think half my ribs are broken, I thought the Knight would never go down.”

Golloan looked over the courtyard strewn with the first dozen men who had tried to stop the knight before them.  “It was unstoppable.  I think they dropped rocks on it as it crossed under the gate.  I heard something hitting metal.”

Voddick limped over to now still suit of armor, knelt down and pulled off the helmet.  “Golloan?  How did a grandfather do all this,” he gestured back over the courtyard.  The man inside the armor was obviously eighty years old if he was a day, only a few wisps of grey hair clinging to his head.

Dreadnought Armor

This full plate armor is made of dull grey metal, solidly constructed, even for armor.  The interior of the armor is etched with protective wards washed with silver.  The padding made of layered silk, sew with protective sigils in gold thread.  The helmet is unadorned and hardly limits vision, for a helmet.

The armor is +1 plate armor that gives its wearer Damage Reduction 5/magic, +3 resistance bonus to saves against magic and immunity to fear.  The armor itself is nearly indestructible and the wearer can access that invulnerability, for a minute at a time, the wearer gains Damage Reduction 15/-. Resistance to all Energy types 20 and immunity to mind affecting.

Each use of this invulnerability consumes one point of Constitution but as long as the armor is worn, the wearer is unaware of such and the loss is ignored once they again don the armor.  This remains true until the wearer’s Constitution drops to zero, at which point the wearer’s life force is entirely consumed and the body cannot by raised or reanimated.  This Constitution loss cannot be reversed except by rest and even then, only if the armor is entirely destroyed.

Aura strong abjuration and necrourgy; CL 15th
Slot armor; Price 76,650; Weight 50 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bestow curse, mind blank, stone skin, vampiric touch; Cost 37,500 + 1,650 for the armor

Notes: Another quasi-cursed item, inspired by the HMS Dreadnought which launched 109 years ago.

Photo by Carlos Vieira and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.


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  1. The curse on this one is brilliant.

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