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Last Chance to Support my Sea of Stars Kickstarter – Updated Again

8 February, 2015

Only half a day left on my Sea of Stars Campaign Setting Kickstarter!  Even at the $12 level you get a 150-page PDF setting for Pathfinder, conversion guides to FATE, D&D and Savage Worlds (and maybe 13th Age too) and an additional adventures, The Mansion of the Shadow of Mar.

Last twelve hours!  Get it while you can!

Update– Only a third of a day left.  It is my birthday so I am off to lunch and then a movie, back in four or five hours.

Update 2 –  Just back from Seventh Son which was a blast, expect more on it soon.  Only a few hours left, closing in on 300% of the original goal, please help me make it there.


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