Tuesday Magic Item – Venturer’s Coin

3 February, 2015

One silver coin and the start of an adventure“But where did it come from?” asked the young boy, studying the coin intently, as if by will alone he could understand the writing upon it.

“Does it matter?  It is silver, it spends like all the rest,” said his father holding out the open leather bag.  “Now put it with the rest.  We are done for the day.”

“Must I?”

“Yes,” he said with a firm look.  “In the bag, it will be safe there.”

With a lingering look the boy watched the coin fall into the bag but he promised himself that he would retrieve it one day.


“Where did you get that coin you wear around your neck?” asked Voddick.

Golloan’s hand flew to the coin, “I have had it since I was a young man.  Hunting for it origins is what sent me fourth as a venturer, someday I will find where it came from.”

Venturer’s Coin

These coins are always from some exotic place, their images still readable after who knows how much handling.  They are usually the most common denomination, or a close approximation thereof, in the region they are found in, the sort of coin only the curious would give a second look to.

These coins awaken the adventurous spark in those who study them carefully, they impart a desire to see the world beyond . . . wherever the person holding the coin is right now.  As long as they keep the coin in their possession, the owner finds it easier to learn new languages and once a day, they may use it to improve their luck (after a die is rolled but before the result of the roll is known, the value of the die may be increased by one).

Notes: So, where do all these player characters come from anyway?  What sparks their desire to become adventurers?  Well, here is one answer, a semi-cursed item as it -potentially- breaks up families and communities but in a subtle fashion.

Photo by Jerry “Woody” and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.




  1. Interesting. A somewhat different way for coin to motivate adventuring!

    • I had not thought of it in that context, nice.

    • Yes, great connection. Still all about the bling.

  2. I love the Golloan flashback! I was mildly disappointed that it was just a generic “boy” at the beginning. Well set up, sir!
    What are the mechanics of the language learning and luck elements?

    • I suppose they must be. They will keep showing up here and maybe even in the Sea of Stars campaign setting.

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