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Sea of Stars Kickstarter – News from Week 1

7 January, 2015

Well much to my surprise and pleasure at the end of the first week, the Sea of Stars Campaign Setting Kickstarter is funded!  Not only that, but we have achieved the first two stretch goals!

The Sea of Stars Companion PDF will feature writing by:

It will also feature magic items, spells and monsters created for various supporters of the Kickstarter and it is a free addition to anyone who has pledged at the Ethereal Scholar ($12 for the PDF) tier or above.

You can also talk about the Sea of Stars in its Google Plus community if that is your thing.  Happy to take question here or there.


Tuesday Magic Item – Galloan’s Shoes of Comfortable Travel

6 January, 2015

These boots were . . .“How is it that your feet are not sore after hiking into these miserable, rock infested hills?” groused Voddik.

“You spend your money on better weapons, I invest in sensible clothing,” replied Galloan.  Voddik stared at Galloan in his tricolored cloak, plumed hat,d finely embroidered clothing and new boots, seemingly unworn even after days of travel.

“Your boots are holding up well, I’ll grant you that,” said Voddik.

“Do you like them?  I had them custom made for me.”

Galloan’s Shoes of Comfortable Travel

First created for the noted venturer and dandy, Galloan of Marzye, the design has since spread out for they have a wide potential market.  The shoes are always fashionable, or at least they were when they were made, and are virtually indestructible.

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The Sea of Stars Kickstarter is Funded! Please help us reach some stretch goals.

5 January, 2015
Good News, Everyone!

Thanks Professor Farnsworth.

Earlier today the Sea of Star Campaign Sourcebook Kickstarter hit its funding goal!  Thank you everyone who has support it so far.

We have some great stretch goals that are with in easy reach, writing by Ben Baugh (noted game author), Brandes Stoddard, and Trey Causey to contribute to a Sea of Stars Companion PDF which would be a bonus beyond the base campaign setting.  More art.  Conversion guides to FATE or D&D5 or both.  And more.

So, please take a look, download the free adventure and take if for a spin and if it appeals to you, toss in some support.

Let us boldly go.



Inspirational Viewing – Galavant

4 January, 2015

So, Laura and I watched the Pilot and second episode (“Joust Friends”) of Galavant tonight, it was great fun, but not a great show.  However it has a good roleplaying game vibe to it and Timothy Oliphant is delightful as the conflicted and marginally competent villain of the piece.  Some people might be turned off by the musical nature of it, but I like the absurdity and structure that it imposes.

At its core, it is a redemption piece as our hero, Galavant, attempts to become a hero again.  Not deep, but fun and it actually seems to be filmed in and around actual historic castles which I find very pleasing.  If the fact that it is a comedic musical is not a deal-breaker, give it a look but do it quickly, I fear it will not be on the air for long.

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