Tuesday Magic Item – Messenger’s Horn

20 January, 2015

Sound off!Golloan and Voddick hopped out of the way of the mounted Royal Messenger moments after she sounded her horn of office.

“Maniac!” shouted Golloan after her as she galloped down the now cleared lane.

“She is just doing her job,” said Voddick.  “Speaking of which have you fond us a new one yet?”

“Maybe the messengers need more people?  It would get us out of town quickly.”

Voddick sighed theatrically.  “Who have you offended now?”

Messenger’s Horn

These horns come in many forms, though decorated animal horn with silver fittings is the most common, carved ivory, wood or beaten metal is sometimes used.  They are usually decorated and bear the mark of the organization they were built for at the very least.

The horn can sound three notes, each once per day as a standard action, and each for a different effect:

•    Note of Calling, all within a mile (1.6km) hear the note and know the messenger has arrived.
•    Note of Passage Clearing, all within 30′ of the messenger must make a Will save (DC 15) or be dazed and unable to interpose themselves between the messenger and their path for one round.  This is a sonic and mind-affecting effect.
•    Note of Travel, the messenger and her mount, if she has one, gain a +10′ enhancement bonus to base speed, a +4 resistance bonus to resist inclement weather or fatigue from travel and 1d4 temporary hit points for the next day.

When sounded by someone with five of more ranks of Perform (wind instruments), the note of calling can be heard half again as far, the Will save of the note of passage clearing increases to 16 and the note of travel provides 2d4 temporary hit points.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 10th
Slot none; Price 8,500; Weight 2 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, calm animal, bear’s endurance, longstrider, summon nature’s ally III; Cost 4,250

Notes: Another travel item!  And tools for messengers are always fun to work on.  Mechanically, it is only built only using spells from the Ranger list which is why it is such an odd collection.

Photo by Jennifer Feuchter and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.



  1. Yes! Golloan and Voddick! I like how you integrated them tangentially — very clever! The item itself is good too — various nuanced uses. Kudos.

  2. Another great item!

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