Inspirational Viewing – Galavant

4 January, 2015

So, Laura and I watched the Pilot and second episode (“Joust Friends”) of Galavant tonight, it was great fun, but not a great show.  However it has a good roleplaying game vibe to it and Timothy Oliphant is delightful as the conflicted and marginally competent villain of the piece.  Some people might be turned off by the musical nature of it, but I like the absurdity and structure that it imposes.

At its core, it is a redemption piece as our hero, Galavant, attempts to become a hero again.  Not deep, but fun and it actually seems to be filmed in and around actual historic castles which I find very pleasing.  If the fact that it is a comedic musical is not a deal-breaker, give it a look but do it quickly, I fear it will not be on the air for long.



  1. I love Alan Mencken. But there is almost no way I could convince you-know-who to watch that. Maybe I’ll record it anyway.

    • If you can watch it without commercials, it will be at least twice as awesome as when I watched it. But I do recommend giving it a try.

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