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Looking Back over December and the year MMXIV as we step into MMXV

31 December, 2014

The New Year and January is just minutes away in my time zone.   Good fortune to all in MMXV!

The biggest news for me is that I have started my Sea of Stars Campaign Setting Kickstarter!  Please take a look, download the free adventure and give it your support if you think it is something that would interest you.

January is named after Janus (Ianuarius) the god of doorways, pictured as looking both forward and back.   We will revisit the themes of doorways, transport and travel for January what with moving into the New Year and all.  As usual, if there is something on this theme you would like to see, let me know.

Looking back over December, 2014, we see another month of light but hopefully interesting posting:

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The Sea of Stars Kickstarter is Go! Now With Terrible Video and Did I Mention the Free Adventure?

31 December, 2014

It just went live, the Sea of Star Campaign Sourcebook Kickstarter, though it is currently without video as I could not get it to upload the one I had shot so you will have to wait until later to see my ugly mug asking for your support.

A brief explanation of the odd length of the Kickstarter, it starts today so that, technically, it started in 2014.  I just had to get it started this year or it was not going to happen.  The end date of the 8th is on my birthday, so, thus the odd length.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below.

Update: Now with terrible video!  And there is a free adventure so you can take a look at the setting.

Let us boldly go.


New Magic Item – New Year’s Coin

31 December, 2014

Good luck for the New YearAs was the custom, the Royal Family moved among their people as the bells and horns sounded out the arrival of the New Year.  I had heard of such but not being a subject of this small kingdom I had never before witnesses it first hand.

The Royal Family seemed quite beloved by their people and they mingled freely, though armed guardians were kept close by as a wise precaution.  As I watched the spectacle, one of the young princes approached and handed me a bright new coin.  “May this serve to protect you and your friendships in the coming year,” he said formally but with warmth.

“Thank you,” I replied and holding the coin, I did suddenly feel more hopeful for the New Year.

New Year’s Coin

These coins are minted only for use in New Year’s celebrations and for their magic to be active they must be given freely.  They are usually the same size coin as the base currency of the realm and have a symbol of the land on one face and a symbol of hope or success on the other.

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