Pattern Seekers – Episode 18: Forbidding Island (Part Two)

26 December, 2014

Imagine it overgrown and more weathered.Having arrived at the top of the mountain at the center of the island, our brave venturers found a abandoned fortified manor, an overgrown garden and a once beautiful fountain that had been converted into some sort of horrible nest.  With great caution, they investigate the nest which was full of bones and other less pleasant things but they did find a few valuable things.*

The doors to the mansion had been torn off and cast out into the garden, ages ago, they spotted one of them almost entirely overgrown in the garden.  Above the door was written “Welcome All Those of Good Intent” in an antique language (Mirror could read it though) that had been scored through by something sharp possibly a dragon’s claw.  The entry hall was obviously a battle site, the grand marble stairway leading up had been partially melted.

The house shows signs of combat, the kitchen has been torn open from the outside, a skeleton is found missing a leg from the knee down, part of the house have been extensively looted while others were just lightly looted.  Some interesting things were found, including an atlas of the world before the sundering, but not what they are looking for.

In the sunroom, which had obviously seen much fighting, they found a small pile of rubble concealed by a larger illusory pile of rubble, under which was a trapdoor.  They manage to open it and find a stairway leading down, avoiding (barely in some cases) several traps.  Down there they find: an armory, which had obviously been ransacked Like this but biggerfor defensive weaponry at some point in the past, from which they acquire various bits of weaponry including an absurdly large sword (“one of the exceedingly rare three-handed swords”) which is claimed by Kurtz and for which he is roundly mocked by the others.  An alchemical lab guarded by snakes made of smoke spawned by a smoke spewing bottle which they managed to fight off before Thea was dissolved into smoke.  And, lastly but most importantly, a library of books filled with information about how to kill things . . . including dragons, Thea wants to destroy the anti-dragon books but the other manage to smuggle them out.

With their new prizes they work their way down the mountain, through the jungle (watched by the monkeys) and back to the boat.  Then back to port, enduring a short squall on the way and then back to the complex with their prizes (yes, even the three-handed sword).

Notes: *If they made a successful roll, I gave them a roll on the trinkets table from the D&D5 PHB, if anyone had beat the DC by 10 or more, I would have given them something cooler, but no one did.

This was a slow, sedate adventure with some light puzzle solving and only one combat.  It was a look back at a slice of the world before the Sundering and its immediate aftermath.

Manor photo by Elliott Brown and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license, sword photo by Søren Niedziella and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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  1. Three handed sword? Interesting. Makes me wonder who they were originally made for.

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