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Pattern Seekers – Episode 17: Forbidding Island (Part One)

29 November, 2014

After having investigated some strange caves last time, this episode starts with a new arrival: Kurtz Dreiman was on the brink of being slain by satrapal agents when he found himself wakening on the black and white floor of the Complex alone but unharmed.  He goes exploring, encountering a stream of ants before moving into Thea’s room where Thea and Pho explain to him where he is and take him to meet the Shaper.

While uncertain of the Shaper and the Pattern, Kurtz sees little choice but to go along for the moment.  Soon enough he, Thea, Tack and Mirror are summoned for a new task.  The ancient home of a great dragon slayer may have been rediscovered but it will require a short sea voyage, luckily a skill set that Tack has.

Someplace like thisThe Portal places them on an abandoned hilltop among equally abandoned standing stones, marking their arrival point they head down toward the fishing village they can see down the the hillside.  Making their way down, they arrive to much polite interest.  They go to the one inn in the village, the Mermaid, where they are to meet their contact, Gordian, who will provide them with a boat.  That they do, finding a newly built boat, fully equipped with a week of supplies for five.  Tack christens it the “Lady Bess”.  After a night spent befriending the locals through gambling, and losing, story telling and buying drinks, they board the boat for their journey.

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