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Tuesday Magic Item – Elegant Eyes

25 November, 2014

The eyes have itThe dowager duchess entered the ballroom, still elegant and commanding for all of her advanced age.  Her quizzing cane was not in evidence and she moved with a confidence that she had not displayed in public for years.

Intrigued, I approached.  Giving her a deep bow I was unsurprised to see her eyes were still white from their cataracts, but today she wore a headband set with two eyes made of opal.

“Marquis,” she smiled, “how good to see you again.  You remain as handsome as I remember.”

I returned the smile.  “It is delightful to have your perceptive gaze back upon us, your grace.”

Elegant Eyes

 These pieces of jewelry are almost always worked into the shape of eyes or creatures with eyes, with the eyes themselves being made of gems.  Headbands are the most common but other forms are not unknown such as necklaces, broaches or even bracelets.

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