Campaign Report – Evard’s Black Orchestra*, Fear and Loafing in Vine

17 November, 2014

*the greatest musical show that hasn’t happened yet, name subject to revision (it is noted as such on all their posters).

Having escaped the clutches of the cultists, the band finally reunited in Vine, Capital of the Eastern Storm Empire and host to the Dominion Court Music Tournament.  Jet immediately grabbed a local ne’er-do-well, pushed coins in his hands and told him to bring him someone who could provide the best local drugs.  They then make there way to the Seven Ravens, an inn secured by Igor for their use, where he, Lewis, Martin and Ozzi are awaiting them.

They catch up with what has happened with each other, at least sort of, and shortly there after the recruited ne’er-do-well comes in followed by a dandy in dressed in pink with silver lace, one is paid off and the other takes a seat at the table.  He presents Jet with a thin vial containing a sparking silver near liquid, Essence of Starlight.  Jet asks what its does and the man in pink offers poetry and, when pressed, explains that it offers an out of body experience.  Jet and Amethyst buy four vials.

Nightmares withinConversation then turns to the contest and rival groups, such as the elven minstrels, the Seven Roses.  They, except for Ren, start planning ways to sabotage** the Seven Roses after much discussion Jet and Amethyst head off in search of useful tools while Lewis and Igor go to arrange a meeting with the Roses*** at the Oak (an elfin inn).  Jet and Amethyst end up near the docks and find a supplier for Ground Nightmare, provided in a black wood box (“These people are classy,” said Jet, “I am used to getting it in a bag.”) handing over good gold coins for powdered fears.  While Igor and Lewis arrange for a meeting the next day at noon.

Jet tricks Lewis into taking some of the Ground Nightmare and indulges himself, as does Amethyst, to no lasting ill effect beyond the expected nightmares and reality distortion.  Ren has been seduced by a simpler drug, hot chocolate.  They are awoken, by Igor, with enough time to get a bath and dress for their meeting.

Arriving at the Oak, they set Martin to preparing the punch with the spices they have brought (the Ground Nightmare).  Jet encourages the Roses to drink up and generally tried to hit on them, Lewis and Amethyst talked music and eventually a jam session was organized.  While that was going on, Ren snuck upstairs and gained access to Aluna’s room, saying that he wanted to leave her a poem . . . but he was actually stealing one of their song books!  While downstairs, the jam session broke up as Chole started screaming about “Spiders everywhere!”  Lewis starts to succumb to the spiked punch and starts to freak out, Jet gives him a “antidote”, a vial of Essence of Starlight spiked with Ground Nightmare.  Lewis takes it, grateful, knocks it back and . . . feels so much better.  They hurry to leave but are stopped as Lewis see wards around the door, after a moment they decide to risk it and pass through without incident.  From outside the building, Lewis can see that all of the doors and windows of the Oak are warded.

They stagger back to the Seven Ravens, where Ren is waiting, Jet steals some pages (containing the music of some of the more popular of the Seven Roses songs) and hands the book off to a vagrant. so they will have plausible deniability.  Talk then turns to how to next advance their position in the contest (Ren suggestion of practicing and rehearsing fell on deaf ears) as the day wore on.  [Slow dissolve to credits]

 Notes:  This game was improvised with literally no preparation time, our DM for Hoard of the Dragon Queen had a last minute emergency and so, I took the DM’s chair and this is what happened.  Luckily, I have a group of players that you can place in a situation and they will make it worse.

**As this was being discussed, I asked B2 (Amethyst’s player) “When did you become the Misfits?”

*** The Seven Roses only have six members, all female elves: Loreli (the lead), Aluna, Aria, Chime and Chole (who are twins) and Demeter.  They specialize in strings and harmony, with two harps being their lead instruments.

If people are interested, I can craft game statistics for Essence of Starlight let me know, those for Ground Nightmares can be found here.


  1. You should definitely stat up those improvised drugs. They are delightful.

    • I am thinking about ground nightmare for today’s magic item.

  2. Sounds like a great session, and (as always) a richly detailed world.

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