Tuesday Magic Item – Chelengk of Valour

4 November, 2014

ChelengkThe commander laughed, the decoration in his turban flashing in the sunlight.  “Do not think that you can freighted me or my soldiers, just because you outnumber us three to one.  It would take ten of you to pull down one of us!”

“We have more men and siege machines coming,” said the leader of the enemy delegation standing under the banner of parlay.

“You will need them to make it a fair fight!”

The soldiers cheered and the enemy fell back in confusion.  When they attacked later in the day, the commander’s prediction come true, the attacker’s losses were almost ten to for each of the defenders slain.

Chelengk of Valour

A pin made of a bird’s feather which one attaches to the turban as a sign of bravery, or a piece of jewelry that represent the same, given by the hand of the ruler to those that have shown great bravery.

It provides the wearer with a +1 morale bonus to Will saves raised to +3 against Confusion and Fear.  Additionally, it provides a +2 equipment bonus to Diplomacy checks among those who respect the state from which it was awarded.

Once a day, the wearer may make a martial boast (such as, “We will take this bridge before nightfall”) before allies.  While attempting to complete said boast (within the next day), the wearer gains temporary hit points equal to their number of allies (up to an amount equal to the wearer’s  maximum hit point) and a +2 morale bonus to attack rolls and skill checks.  The wearer’s allies gain a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls, skill checks and saves against fear while attempting to complete the same boast.

The boast takes a toll upon the wearer, after each time it is done, the wearer suffers one point of Constitution Drain but as long as the Chelengk is worn or kept near, the effect is not felt until the wearer’s constitution drop the zero, then they die after the completion of their last boast.

Aura moderate enchantment; CL 11th
Slot –* ; Price 21,000; Weight
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, eagle’s splendor, false life, geas, heroism; Cost 10,500
*The Chelengk is worn on the hat or turban but does not take up a magic item slot.

Notes: The Ottoman Chelengk was awarded for military merit and success and was only twice awarded to non-Turks.

Photo by Loz Pycock and used under a Creative Common Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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