Shadowrun 2070 Campaign Report and New Seattle Scream (#46)

30 October, 2014

It has been sometime since my last update (unless you count PinkCat‘s) but Shadowrun has been continuing, the shared campaign has slowed considerably, with two GMs mostly dropping out of running, but the NorCal branch is still going on (expect another episode of Running in the Shade soon).

Turnout was been low for the last game, only three players, which was interesting as I have been used to six player plus groups but nice as I can actually pay attention to everyone and there is very little confusion.  Unfortunately, we are losing one of our newer (but dedicated) players who is following his wife to New England.  We will miss you player of “Bob”!

So, the players have interfered with a concert stage (partly by highjacking it for an unofficial show, which also signaled the retirement from Shadowrunning of Moonshadow), stolen items from a yakuza safehouse, and recovered a hidden item from a deconstruction site.  Only one of which is reflected in the latest issue of the Seattle Scream (#46).


  1. I wish I had reached out to this gaming group sooner. “Bob” is going to enjoy his (forced) retirement for the time being and work construction, vehicles, and cyberware. Who knows, I may be able to come back and visit friends in Athens sooner or later. If so, I’ll make sure to let you know and stop by the store.
    I love the way you use the “Seattle Scream” in your games, Sean. I toyed with the idea of having the news available for the players when I DMed Shadowrun 8-9 years ago but I never put it in practice, for lack of a clear picture of how it would look like mostly. Your format is great; I love the snippets/briefs of articles. Exactly what I picture when I think of the news in a futuristic, ADHD society. Cheers.

    • We will miss you. Keep in touch and we will see about the future adventures of Bob . . . in the future.

      Thank you for you kind words on the campaign and the Seattle Scream.

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