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Tuesday Magic Item – Sword of Libertas

28 October, 2014

Use for freedom“Stand aside for your betters,” commanded the guard in his colorful uniform.  “You move!”  He prodded a young woman with a cane who was moving with insufficient haste.

“Why?” she asked, hobbling aside.

“Because your ruler, the Tsar of Nyris, should not be delayed by rabble such as you,” sniffed the guard.

The woman muttered something and stepped away.  The mood of the other people did not seem improved by the actions of the guard.  A few moments later as the Tzar arrived, the woman stepped forward, her cane becoming a flaming sword.  “Now it is time for tyranny to end and freedom to rise!” she called as the rabble surged to attack.

Sword of Libertas

This sword is a remarkably plain weapon, notable only for the word freedom etched on one side of the blade and liberty on the other.  It also has the ability to change into a simple rod which can be used as a walking stick or otherwise easily concealed.

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