Pattern Seekers – Episode 16: ‘Orrible Caves

26 October, 2014

Shortly after their last task, recovering an amber box  our three active venturers (Mirror, the unstable wizard, Tack, the pirate, and Thea, the adventurous druid, with her lioness Pho) are summoned before the Shaper.  The Shaper explains that the expansion of the Complex has encountered a . . . space which her other agents are ill-suited to explore.

A rift had opened in the side of the Complex, inside was a cave the floor thick with dust and a body.  Tack poked at it and it collapsed, releasing a cloud of foul gas.  They fled back into the Complex, led by Pho, and waited for the noxious fumes to disperse.  Having been provided with beetle based light sources, they again ventured in.

Exploration, encounters with undead husks, carnivorous snails, ancient idols, things from before history and other strangeness follow.  While occasionally pushed hard, they managed to avoid being killed or consumed by anything and they survived, gaining information and odd magic items out of it all.

Notes: This adventure used the Horrid Caves from The Manor, Issue 7, hastily converted to Pathfinder as its basis for a nice semi-creepy adventure.



  1. Nice to see The Horrid Caves getting used in a game like this. Hope it wasn’t too much bother to convert it over to Pathfinder.

    • Not in the least. We had a great time and I have been sharing the encounter table from the Horrid Caves with all of my gamer friends. Thanks for writing such a delightful adventure.

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