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Campaign Report – Evard’s Black Orchestra*, the Grossdunkleweg Variation

25 October, 2014

*the greatest musical show that hasn’t happened yet, name subject to revision (it is noted as such on all their posters).

Welcome to  Grossdunkleweg

Scenic Grossdunkleweg

So, our heroes(?), well, the band is en route to Vine for the Dominion Court Music Tournament, traveling by coach overs the mountains.  The band, with all of its hangers on, is so large that they have to be split between two coaches.  The second coach hits a rock and damages its rear wheel so they have to unload the passengers and husband the  coach to the nearest town, Grossdunkleweg, luckily only a few miles away for repairs, a sleepy little mining town.  The first coach, having Imperial post to deliver, continues on.  Thus do Amethyst, Jet and Ren, along with the three dancers, embark on a new adventure.

The first thing that greets them in the town is the spire of the Church of the Undying Sun, which makes Jet unhappy as he has had . . . issues with Sun Sects in the past.  The coach crew, Klaus and Ahmed, take the damaged wheel to the town’s blacksmith, Hilda, an ex-soldier.  Ren decides to stay and help and learn a bit about blacksmithing, which ends up mostly being told what a blacksmith does and working the bellows.  Amethyst, Jet and the dancer head to the inn, the Black Dog, for drink and food.  There they are served weisswurst, dark beer and rye bread while they try to convince the innkeeper, Hannah, to employ them as entertainers.  This meet with less enthusiasm than they think they deserve, so they head out to find the mayor, Ren joining them.

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