New Magic Item – Ghost-Maker

21 October, 2014

An old sword and older curse“This town looks familiar . . .” the old warrior looked about suspiciously.

“It has changed hands recently,” the squire said, “my Lord took it in glorious battle.  That is why it is called Karlsburg now, after Sir Karl who lead the final assault.”

“What was it called before?” the warrior’s hand dropped to the hilt of the worn sword.

“Does it matter?  I think it was Ostbridge.”

“No, not Ostbridge,” wailed the old warrior in terror and took off running.

The warrior was never seen again, but the sword was found in a circle of blood at the edge of town, near to where a massacre had happened several decades before when a group of wounded soldiers was ambushed and slaughtered.  Local rumor said it was haunted and such rumors only intensified after the warrior’s disappearance.


This sword is of an antique design and has seen much hard use, looking closely on the blade, there is faint indication that runes were once etched along it. The hilt is made of yellowed ivory usually wrapped. The blade is cold to the touch and blood does not cling to it.

It is a +2 wounding long sword that on a critical hit against a living being requires the target to make a Fortitude save (DC equal to damage taken) or takes ten points of damage per level of the wielder (to a maximum of two hundred), if they make the save, they are slowed for one round and take one point of damage per level of the wielder. This power is not without cost, against a being with a soul, it causes the wielder one point of Wisdom damage, against any other living being, it causes one point of Constitution damage. This damage can only be healed by time, magical healing will only be effective for 1d4 hours and then the damage will return.

The more sinister effect is that the spirits of those the weapon has slain by the sword are not free to leave this realm and will return as vengeful ghosts* sometime in the next year. Possibly worse, as least from the point of view of the wielder, is that they can sense when Ghost-Maker comes within twenty-one miles (33.8km) and any of the usual fetters on the movement of the restless spirits are loosened. (*Ghost being used here in a generic sense for any spirit that cannot cross over as is appropriate for the victim and circumstance.)

Aura strong necrourgy; CL 15th
Slot none; Price 78,315; Weight 4 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bestow curse, dimensional anchor, finger of death; Cost 39,000 + 315 for the sword

Notes: This item has been floating around as an idea in my head for sometime and October seemed like a good time to finally finish it as it seems appropriately thematically.

Photo by vintagedept and used under a Creative Common Attribution 2.0 Generic license.



  1. The staying around as vengeful ghosts wrinkle is a great one. So many possibilities!

    • I hope so. It is a powerful magical weapon but with serious downsides. The damage to its wielder is the obvious one, the vengeful ghosts, less so.

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