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Superhero RPG Appendix N Challenge

20 October, 2014

So, Barking Alien has challenged us Superhero RPG GMs to:

[L]ist between 5 and 10 Superhero comic books, and 5 to 10 Superhero live action or animated shows or films, that typify your style of Superhero RPG campaign.

Minimum is 5. Maximum is 10. This means you have to really think about the ones that best embody the type of Supers gaming you prefer. Who’s up for the challenge?

So, let me give it a shot.


Astro City, Busiak’s love of comics and appreciation of the craziness of the genre is evident across this entire series.  Very inspirational.

The Doom Patrol, especially Grant Morrison’s run, I love the hardluck superheroes of the Doom Patrol, people who did not want superpowers yet are willing to use them to help others and the Chief is fantastic in his madness.

Planetary, the exploration of the secret history of a supers world is fascination, while it has occasional missteps, overall a fantastic series.

Power Man and Iron Fist, Heroes for Hire, hitting my love of street level superhero and supervillains.  Yes, a bit blinkered in its sensibilities but Marvel was trying to reach out, I think, even if they had a tin ear every now and then.

(New) Teen Titans, the Perez/Wolfman run primarily, teen supers managing the best they can both in the shadow of the established heroes and with their own enemies.

Zenith, Morrison’s first superhero comic and suitably dark yet poppy with amazing art by Steve Yeowell (and now being re-released after being out of print for years).

I am sure there are others, my interest these days is more along the lines of Silver Age heroics, when heroes were heroes and villains were villains with crazy shticks.

Other Media

Doctor Who, he is a superhero without a doubt and he fights all sorts of bizarre supervillains and a good warning about how difficult it is to use time travel in a game.

Greatest American Hero, again, someone trying to manage the best they can with powers they can only just manage.

The Specials, a little known live action superhero movie that is more a slice of life story, it is just that the people involved happen to be part of a super team.

Teen Titans, a great blend between action heroics and light comedy.  I was very sad when they shut this series down.

The Tick, both animated and live action, truly but lovingly embraced the insanity that a world filled with superheroes would lead to.  (The comics are good too.)

I am willing to look in on most any superhero themed show or movie (and I am enjoying both the Flash and Gotham so far) and I am sure there is more media I should put up there, but nothing is leaping to mind.

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