Review – the Tome of Twisted Things (for Pathfinder)

15 October, 2014

While not for every campaign, the Tome of Twisted Things is full of interesting and useful ideas and resources that could be easily incorporated into a campaign.  Mostly they will fit into a campaign world where the fight between good and evil is brutal and where good is losing ground that is the sort of situation where the Darkborn and Avengers would thrive.  My only real complaint is the pinkish background of the PDF which is a little disturbing to stare at.

The Tome of Twisted Things is a selection of darkness-tinged resources for Pathfinder, new prestige and variant classes, a new race and supporting feats.  It begins with the Darkborn prestige class who draw upon the power of evil to defeat evil, a classic conceit.  They must balance their dedication to good with their increasing urge to do evil.  The class has powers called ‘darkweaves’ that are activated by bidding their ‘wickedness’ against the purity of their target, which is an interesting mechanic.  They gain some interesting power but must always be fighting against the temptation to embrace the evil that fuels their abilities.  Good stuff.  But it seems that they should have knowledge (planes) as a class skill as they have several abilities that interact with outsiders.

Next up is the Avenger, a paladin variant that serves the god of retribution and is focused on settling scores, injure them and get stronger against the thing that injured them.  The Ruiner is an anti-paladin archetype who just wants to tear down the world and gains bonuses when doing so.  The Tyrant prestige class wraps up the class section with someone who wants to rule and will crush any who oppose that vision, an interesting option for lawful villains.

The new race is the Warped, children of a summoner and an eidolon, these are the definition of unusual but interesting.  They gain access to a very limited amount of eidolon evolution but have no place where they fit in, being so rare and strange, making them a perfect sort for becoming adventurers.  The warped also have access to two class archetypes: the Bloodborn (summoner) who summon creatures from their own blood, and the Monk of the Flowing Form, who master the adaptability of their own body.

Twenty new feats, and one new trait, round out this work, all but one dealing with class or race abilities from this product, but they provide a variety of interesting -if niche- options.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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