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Tuesday Magic Item – Cephalophore Nail

7 October, 2014

Carrying his own head.The early wars of the Savogid Republic were a desperate and difficult time for the nation, they faced many enemies and the new Republic was forced to draft many of its able-bodied citizens to fill the ranks.  The Silver College of Necromagy did what they could to help, but raising the dead to fight was considered unwholesome -unless asked by the person beforehand- but they could use their talents to ensure that the slain returned home for proper burial.

Thus was born the Cephalophore Nail and it was offered to all those going to war for the Republic, ultimately over half accepted them even though having them used was a painful process as they knew if would give comfort to their loved ones.  The return of those brought back to their final resting place by the power of a Cephalophore Nail soon became the basis of many a sad song and story as the republic’s losses continued to mount.

The use of a group of cephalophores by General VaLaMarch to act as a tactical distraction during the Battle of the West Bird Fields which turned that battle into a major Republican victory made the acceptance of the nail almost universal in the closing days of the early wars.

Cephalophore Nail

These small nails are made of silver, or silver plated tin depending on the era, with a fiendishly complex rune stamped on the head.  To be activated they must be attached to living bone, usually at the base of the skill but some prefer the shoulder blade, collar bone or hip of a willing person.

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