PinkCat: Running in the Shade (A different sort of SR campaign report)

5 October, 2014

In the NorCal-set Shadowrun game we are playing in, I am playing PinkCat, a fourteen-year old decker who loves the net, her friends and cartoons roughly in that order.  Because her hobby is digital art, she decided to make a cartoon about her adventures as a Shadowrunner, with a ton of modifications so as not to reveal identities and to make it more kid-friendly.

It is called PinkCat: Running in the Shade and set in the state of Nova Albion of the United Animal States, in a world of anthropomorphic animals and magic.  It will also, indirectly, serve as a record of our games.

The Cast:

    • Pink, our heroine, a pink-furred cat, artist and decker.  (Obviously, PinkCat’s alter ego.)
    • Glitter, pony inventor and tech, Pink’s roommate.  (The alter ego of Sparky, Orkish tech and PinkCat’s best friend and roommate, played by T.  Sparky is loosely based on Twilight Sparkle of MLP so certain amount of meta commentary here.)

Guest Stars:

  • Clawz, punk black cat with really sharp claws.  (Bladez, human knife adept, played by C2.)
  • Moonlight, a black and white peacock with a French accent.  (Lunumbra, elf illusion wizard, who does not have a French accent, played by T2.)
  • Steel, a military wolverine with cyberlimbs and lots of tall tales.  (Stark, ex-miliary dwarf, who only has cyberarms, played by H.)

Supporting Cast:

  • Officer Bloodhound, police dog seeking the “criminals”.  (Played for comic relief, but a reminder for Pink that the police are always looking for her.)
  • Mr. Owl, wise local business leader who seems to know much more than he says.  (Representing the mysterious Mr. Li who the team has worked for.)
  •  Mr. Suit, the person that employs Pink and her friends, whose appearance changes from episode to episode but whose voice is always the same.  (Representing the various Mr. Johnsons who employ them.)

Episode One: Racing Pink
The team (Pink, Glitter and Moonlight) is hired by Mr. Suit to steal back a stolen experimental truck that is in the possession of the Junkyard Dogs, a motorhead gang of dogs -who are portrayed as having a sense of honor and style-.  Glitter challenges them to a race betting her van against the stolen vehicle, after a rebuilding montage, the team races using a few clever trick and barely manages to win. The leader of the Junkyard Dog is gracious -if disbelieving- in defeat and at the last minute the team has to keep the recovered vehicle from being stolen by a pair of weasels, one of whom is a technomancer.  (In fact, the team shamelessly cheated by hacking the other vehicle and using magic to mess with the rival driver’s perception and the guy who lost the race was not nearly as gracious.)

Episode Two: Pink Rescue
The team (Pink, Glitter and Steel) is hired to insert code into a top secret facility near the mountains and end up gliding in on a hang glider.  The facility is cybernetically enhancing pets to spy on their owners.  The code opens the cages and the animals escape the facility with the team in a highjacked supply truck after many comic chase scenes.  (They parawinged in and the facility was cyberenhancing guard animals, including hellhounds, which attacked and savaged the facility personnel, the team barely escaping unharmed.)

Episode Three: Super Secret Shipping
The team (Pink, Glitter and Clawz) is asked to rebuild a boat but adding a smuggling compartment by Fabulous, a sexy swan, who goes missing shortly afterward.  While Glitter and Clawz have silly adventures rebuilding the boat, Pink investigates and dodges Office Bloodhound who is also looking for fabulous.  Finally the boat is rebuilt and they are smuggling a huge cake for, it turns out, Mr. Owl’s surprise birthday party and Fabulous turns out to be hidden in the cake.  All is well that ends well.  (In the real world, the guy that hired them turned up dead shortly there after and the team hit while completing the smuggling compartment.  Which turned out to be used to smuggle the guy who hired them out of the country, he having faked his death.  There was a brief fight, which PinkCat chooses not to remember, which resulted in the bloody deaths of three Yakuza mooks before they finally got him out of sight.)

Episode ?: the Prank Job
This was actual the first adventure and it involved a much larger playgroup and using a mock armored car to intercept a delivery of physical data backup for a client.  It all went surprisingly well considering the number of moving parts involved.  So, it only exists as some animation tests and partial scenes as I cannot recall it clearly enough for more.

But, just is case it is not obvious from the write up above, I have been really enjoying J2’s NorCal campaign and not just because it is a chance to finally play Shadowrun again.  It has been fun getting to use tech skills and cleverness to solve problems and PinkCat is just a delight to play.

Next Episode: The Sword in the Studio

The rest of the series: Episodes 5 and 6, Episode 7, Episode 8 , Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12, Episode 13, Episode 14, Episode 15, Episode 16 , Episode 17, Episode 18 and Episode 19.



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