Pattern Seekers – Episode 15: Boxing Day

1 October, 2014

It turns out if has been quite some time since the last Pattern Seekers game  and this one was sparsely attended, we had:

A box made of amberMirror, the unstable wizard, Tack, the pirate, and Thea, the adventurous druid, with her lioness Pho available to serve the Pattern (details on the characters can be found here).  Summoned by the Shaper, they are tasked with aiding an ally of the Pattern in retrieving a stolen item, an amber box.  To aid in such they are given a crystal ball full of some liquid seeded with golden flakes that are attracted to the box and, as it gets closer, will move towards the box, which Mirror quickly claims.

Taken by ship to the port city of Asterdahl, where the thieves are believed to be, and they are believed to be some of the Visse (the setting’s halfling analog) but no further details are given.  They take rooms at the Three Sails, where Tack has stayed before, before heading out to sell some of spices provided by the Shaper, which also gives them a chance to narrow down where the box may be.   Returning to the inn, they have narrowed down the area of the city they need to search to only about a third but including the area around the Magical College.  They while the night away playing cards, Mirror and Tack doing well, Mirror because she is unreadable and Tack because he actually has some skill gambling, while Thea watches.

The next morning, after breakfast, they head off to continue their hunt.  To their great relief, it did not seem to be in the college so they started to explore the area around consisting of book stores, magical supply stores, curio shops. and the like.  They end up in a haberdashery and both Tack and Mirror end up purchasing hats.  Mirrors wears hers out still in the hat box . . .

Pho draws them up short by stopping to growl down an alleyway.  Cautiously, our heroes advanced down the alley ready for trouble.  And finding a fresh bloodstain on one of the walls at about shoulder height and beneath it, a dead Visse, dressed in the local style.  This disturbed Thea greatly.  Investigation show that he was slain by the single thrust by a very sharp blade through his chest and out the back.  Tack and Thea argue about if they should report it to the authorities, Thea saying yes, Tack saying no.  While they argued, Mirror looted the body, finding that it had not previously been so and finding some daggers and a purse including a drink token.  Thea finally concedes that getting the authorities involved may not be for the best and they leave.  Spotting a drunk who had a partial view of the alleyway, Tack -with the aid of a few coins- gets him to say that her heard something from the alley and say a tall and slender person in a grey cloak and nice boots leave shortly thereafter, at about the time they figure the murder took place.

Soon enough, they find a place that has the same symbol on their sigh as on the drink token, it is the Smoke Ring.  There Thea talks to Aliz Emeraldsmile,  the proprietress, and explains that she was suppose to meet a Visse there and describes the murdered Visse.  Aliz says that he was there with two companions, also Visse, last night waiting for someone.  They buy drinks and then return to the hunt, at least slightly more informed then before.

The globe brings them to an inn called The Tower, which uses a painting of the Tarot card of the same name for its sign, and they go in.  It is an establishment that obviously caters to wizards domestic and foreign with the Tarot theme continued with painting on the wall and carving in the tables.  The gold looses its ability to track in the inn but stepping back outside they can confirm that the box seems to be in there.  They catch the Visse when they come downstairs and convince them, what with the death of their companion and the failure of their buyer to appear, to part with the box for forty gold (a not inconsiderable sum) which the characters are able to scrape together.  The Visse are feeling the pressure as they wish to avoid The Elf who killed their friend.

Money is exchanged for the box, the Visse vanish and our heroes leave, being passed by a slender elf woman in a grey cloak heading into The Tower.  They quickly make for the docks and the ship waiting for them, turn over the box and globe (to Mirror’s sadness) and are thanked.  Mirror is given a smaller globe filled with copper flakes and the other two are given small gifts as well before they return to the Complex and their next mission.  Which will turn out to be exploring some ‘Orrible Caves.

Notes: This adventure take place in the same place and time as the EBO game, though the paths of the characters do not cross.

The photo is from the (found via europeana) and is in the public domain.



  1. Another good adventure–and such a rich setting!

    • Thank you. It has had quite a bit of time to develop.

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