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Pattern Seekers – Episode 15: Boxing Day

1 October, 2014

It turns out if has been quite some time since the last Pattern Seekers game  and this one was sparsely attended, we had:

A box made of amberMirror, the unstable wizard, Tack, the pirate, and Thea, the adventurous druid, with her lioness Pho available to serve the Pattern (details on the characters can be found here).  Summoned by the Shaper, they are tasked with aiding an ally of the Pattern in retrieving a stolen item, an amber box.  To aid in such they are given a crystal ball full of some liquid seeded with golden flakes that are attracted to the box and, as it gets closer, will move towards the box, which Mirror quickly claims.

Taken by ship to the port city of Asterdahl, where the thieves are believed to be, and they are believed to be some of the Visse (the setting’s halfling analog) but no further details are given.  Read the rest of this entry ?

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