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Tuesday Magic Item – Emeraldsmile’s Pewter Tankard

30 September, 2014

“What will you have?” asked the stout dwarven woman, the obvious matron of the Smoke Ring.  The Smoke Ring was a coffee shop, restaurant and general gathering place for the students from the nearby Asterdahl College of Magic, paneled in dark wood and decorated with maps from around the world and handbills from around the city.

Drink up!“Coffee?” the young man ventured.

“Spiced?  Sweetened?  With Milk?  Lemon?” she asked, drawing a cup of coffee from one of the casks.

“Ano . . .” he stammered, “how do you take yours?”

“With honey, milk and cinnamon.”

“Like that please.”

She nodded and mixed in the honey and grated a cinnamon stick into it, then she traced a rune on the side and it began steaming.  From a crystal pitcher, she added milk and slid it over.  “It is hot but enjoy it, young man,” she said with a smile.

Emeraldsmile’s Pewter Tankard

Mass produced in the Dwarven magical workshops for Dwarven establishments across the Sea of Stars, these heavy tankards are usually marked with a design representing those who commissioned it.  The workshop that made it will have their hallmark on the base.  Rarely, they are made with glass bottoms.

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