Campaign Report – Evard’s Black Orchestra*, First Symphony

27 September, 2014

*the greatest musical show that hasn’t happened yet, name subject to revision (it is noted as such on all their posters).

So,  we were playing the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure, but our DM got sick, so I stepped up to GM the Sea of Stars under the new 5th Edition D&D rules for the players that could make it.  This is the story of that game:

The character are all siblings who share the same father, Alamarian Dulcimer, a famous bard.

  • Amethyst, overconfident half-elven bard who has been raised as her father’s protege.  Lead singer and viola.  (Half-Elfin Bard 1, played by B2.)
  • Lewis Dulcimer, big on plans and short on action, he hopes to advance off of the talent of others.  Bass sitar.  (Human Ranger 1, played by J2.)
  • Ren, raised in a monastery where he learned to hate his father (from his mother), only recently brought into the Dulcimer fold.  Lead dancer and hand drum.  (Human Monk 1, played by R.)
L is just this guy, you know?


Brought together by L, Alamarian’s manager, lawyer and confidant in the city of Asterdahl because he has received an invitation to the Dominion Court Music Tournament in the city of Vine.  Alamarian is out on tour and will not be able to attend, so L want Amethyst and company to seize this chance.  He gives them twenty gold (as a silver based game, this is a serious amount of money), access to a tailor, use of his personal dogsbody Igor and a week to get ready to go.

Wisely resisting the temptation to blow it all on an epic party. they set down to discuss their plan to win the music tournament.  They came up a plan to stage a full music cycle  “The Burning of Cedric” about a rebel who opposed the dragons and ultimately failed to cast them down, to impress the ruler of the Dark Star Dominion, the black dragon known as B’Ai’Ai (the dark behind the stars).

Stage one in this plan requires the acquisition of support staff, dancers and a wizard are required.   They convince the owner of the Gilded Cage to let them preform and hold a dance contest that evening.  Then after some light shopping, including geegaws and gimcracks for Ren’s staff and an encounter with an elfin woman threatening a Visse (halfling equivalent) -whom Lewis is smitten with and invites to thier planned dance off-  following information provided by Igor, to the Smoke Ring, a hang out for students from the Magical Academy to find a wizard.  The Smoke Ring is primarily a coffee house but also serves drinks and food and is run by a dwarven woman, Aliz Emeraldsmile.  The Smoke Ring is hosting a poetry slam that evening which seems an idea hunting ground.  Ren gets to experience coffee for the first time as they scope out potential recruits among the poet-wizards.  The decide on Martin VanQual and enhance his performance, declare him the winner and buy drinks for everyone there.  They convince him to accompany them and “try out” at the dance competition pulling about a dozen of the other wizards with them as they wend their way to the Gilded Cage.

There Ren hands out copper coins to urchins to have them busk for more people to show up, with decent success.  The music, dancing and spectacle last into the wee hours of the morning, and (to Lewis’ delight) the mystery elf showed up.  At the end they have Martin as their stage wizard, three dancers of an exotic nature and are on their way to a massive hangover.


Igor knows the score

They are awakened by Igor reminding them that they have a appointment with the tailors to be fitted for new clothes, both for performances and court, and they get basic performance costumes for their dancers and wizard.  Over the next week: Lewis tries to track down the mystery elf and was able to find her name, Conscience.  The group continues to perform at the Gilded Cage with some success.  Ren works with the urchins and end up with one, Ozzi, following him around.

At the end of the week, they find themselves aboard the Silver Eagle bound for Vine with their wizard, dancers, an urchin and Igor.  Oh, and an elf named Conscience who seems to be traveling to the same place.

And thus ended the session.  When we will continue, I know not.  Well, sooner than expected as it happens.

 Notes: Yes, I know that Evard is particular to Greyhawk, but the name is too good not to let the players use.

There was no combat but lots of skill use in this session.  I am liking the new D&D in general but I am still feeling my way around it in, the basic outline of play is very familiar and I look forward to the DMG.


  1. This is D&D, you say? Dancing and Damsels?

    • I just build the sandbox, it is up to the players to choose what to make there.

  2. Exactly. The players should do what they will.Interesting session.

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