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Tuesday Magic Item – Weather Crystal

9 September, 2014

Is a storm brewing?“Check the crystal, will today be a good day for planting?”

“I’ll look, I’ll look, but my bones tell me it will be.”

“But what does the crystal say?”

He sighed and studied the crystal.  “Clouds coming in, patchy rain in the afternoon.”

“Then planting we will go.”

He sighed again and placed the crystal back atop the mantle.

Weather Crystal

These enchanted crystals are about a hand’s width in length and about the size of a finger in diameter.  They usually mounted in some fashion to keep them safe and occasionally placed in a cage for use aboard ship.

Each dawn, the weather until the next dawn will be revealed in the crystal: the weather at dawn at its tip and moving down in patterns of color throughout the length of the crystal.  The pattern is set each dawn and is accurate for the local area, it does not change if moved. Read the rest of this entry ?

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