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Tuesday Magic Item – Coach Cushion of Comfort

2 September, 2014

Colorful ComfortI started in envy at the wealthy trader who sat across from me as the coach bounced and rattled across the the post road.  Over the last four days as we traveled across increasing rough and dangerous roads, but my constant companion never seemed troubled.  Not by weather, or rough roads, or well, anything.

I finally worked up the nerve to ask about this.  “Good sir, how is it that you maintain your equanimity in the face of such difficult travel?”

He smiled.  “Long experience of travel.   A positive view of the future.  But most important,” he patted the padded cloth he was seated upon, “is this magic cushion which keeps my expansive girth in comfort.”

Coach Cushion of Comfort

These cushions are made from the highest end fabrics, threads and stuffing and are designed to be used in a coach, so they are not excessively thick as they are usually taken with their owner rather than being left behind.   When made they are almost always marked with the original owner’s mark in the form of color choice, embroidery or both.

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