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Tuesday Magic Item – Traveller’s Umbrella

12 August, 2014

Ward against rain and dangerThe Grand Duchess Ikarinova marched down the street, her maid keeping her sheltered from the rain by use of a silver handled umbrella in the Grand Duchess’ colours.

“Excellent work, my Kati,” smiled the Grand Duchess as they turned the corner towards her apartments.

“Thank you, your grace,” said Katerina, ever alert, and wisely so as two knife-wielding assassins surged from a doorway.  The umbrella flared white and the assassins first strike was deflected.  Kati left it hanging to guard the Grand Duchess and struck for she knew that its protection was at best temporary.

Traveller’s Umbrella

These umbrellas are alway made of the highest quality materials often in form that represent the patron for whom they were made, with iconography in the handles or colour choice for the cloth.

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