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Tuesday Magic Item – Vigilant Eye of the Republic

5 August, 2014

Always WatchingWe ducked back to avoid the citizen patrol, this shipment of wine -smuggled at great effort- would be worth a nice bag of coin.

Sticking to the back alleys, we maneuvered into a disused stable.  Once used by the Duc Aflon when his wished to visit the pleasure quarters, it had been abandoned for months.

Distantly, the bells sounded midnight.  Our buyer should be here momentarily.

Suddenly, there were lights everywhere.  “Surveillance Committee,” announced their leader, the Vigilant Eye medal as their throat flashing in the light.  “You are under arrest for crimes against public order.”

Vigilant Eye of the Republic

These amulets are made from the melted silver taken from the royal judges, on one side is the eye of vigilance and on the other side is stamped the number of the Republican agent it is assigned to.

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