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Shadowrun with Shared Campaigns and a New Seattle Scream (#45)

2 August, 2014

Shadowrun continues with my Seattle game running monthly,with some interesting games but no major surprises or shakeups.  Though some of the runners have brought themselves to the attention of some diverse and dangerous factions which may come back to haunt them in the future.  Latest Seattle Scream (#45) here.

The shared campaign world idea has not worked exactly as I had envisioned, as  it has spun off games set in Chicago (2 sessions played so far),  Hawai’i (3 sessions) and NorCal (3 sessions, 1 of which I missed) rather than all sharing the same geographical playspace and thus a shared network of connection, locations and so on.  Instead, we have now have four campaigns in the same greater world and while there are a few shared threads between the campaigns, there is not much crossover or connection between them, at least not yet.

In the new games, I am playing two deckers (in Hawai’i and NorCal) and a shamanka (Chicago) which is giving me more practice with those subsystems.   And I certainly am enjoying the chance to play Shadowrun for a change.


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