Happy Trails Maverick, Good bye Rockford

21 July, 2014

James_Garner_Bret_Maverick_Jack_Kelly_Bart_MaverickA sad day, James Garner, one of the greats passed away at the age of 86.  One of my favorite actors for a variety of his roles which should be of interest to gamers:

  • The skilled gambler Maverick, who preferred cunning and trickery to gun play and, while in it for the money, always stood up for the little guy.
  • The down on his luck PI Rockford who relied on the false IDs, short cons, and stunt driving to (mostly) outmaneuver the bad guys.
  • The hero of Support Your Local Sheriff!who relied on psychology, trickery and an occasional thrown rock to protect the town, even though he was basically on his way to Australia.

An excellent actor whose roles showed that heroes were not above making money and that avoiding violence was sometime more admirable (and often more effective) than the alternative.

You will be missed.

The NY Times has and excellent obituary of Mr Garner here.

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