Ypisara, (former) Godesses of Salt, Serpents and Fishes

17 July, 2014

As promised, some time ago, here she is:

Ypisara, (former) Goddess of Salt, Serpents and Fishes

Title             Mother of Serpents, Salt Mother, the Salt Serpent
Portfolio         Formerly Salt, Sepents, Fishes, Now indirectly Saltwork, Serpentfolk
Typical Worshipers     Fishermen, Salt Carvers and Workers, Serpentfolk
Domains         Earth, Repose, Scalykind
Subdomains         Ancestors, Salt
Favored Weapon     Curved Dagger or Kris
Favored Animal(s)     Snake

Light through saltYpisara was a minor goddess with an odd portfolio, the association with fishes was possibly inherited and the least portion of her worship.  The center of her believers were the serpentfolk who mined the salt of the Bitter Hills and hunted among the mangrove swamps of the Darksea Marsh. Not a numerous people but dedicated to their mother-goddess.

When the dragons went to war with the gods, Ypisara was one of the few who saw how the battles were going to play out, she found and submitted to the Empress, asking only that her children and followers be spared.  The Empress agreed and took the life of Ypisara personally, placing the lands and people of Ypisara under her personal protection and rule.

The result of Ypisara’s sacrifice is that her temples were not destroyed, instead they were converted to Imperial government buildings or the personal property of the Empress, and Ypisara’s name was not erased.  While worship of Ypisara as a goddess is banned, as is all divine worship except that of the Sun, worship of her as an ancestor has been allowed and as said worshipers are citizens of an Imperial demesne, there is no public questioning of such.

The Ypisari serpentfolk have become loyal servants of the Empress as they were of their mother-goddess, and the Empress in turn protects and encourages them.  Their numbers have grown slowly but remain small in the overall scheme of the Empire those that leave their homelands are often found in Imperial service.

A gift of Ypisaran saltwork from the Empress is seen as a sign of favor among those who watch and study such things.


The serpentfolk and others who live in the lands once claimed by Ypisara now follow her simply as the Ur-mother of their race and culture.  They remember her as chief among the ancestors, the one from whose original eggs their lineage has sprung.  This reverence is never allowed to cross to worship, at least, not publicly.

Spell Preparation Rituals

The followers of Ypisara meditation upon fragments of the shell from which they emerged, or a shaped egg made of salt for those not born from shell, to link themselves into the chain of being that began with the Mother of Serpents.

Religion Traits

The following religion traits may be chosen by followers of this Ypisara.

Serpent Physician – You have a natural understanding of how to treat wounds to flesh and bone, gaining a +1 bonus to Healing check when treating wounds, raised to +3 when treating bleeding wounds or one of the serpentfolk.

Shaper of Salt – You have a natural talent working Ypisara’s blessed salt, gaining a +2 bonus to any craft check involving working salt.

Notes: Will have salt-based spells and the salt (sub)domain up sometime soon.  Edit: Some salt-based magic items here and her serpentfolk here.

Photo by Dimitry B. and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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  1. Interesting goddess with a kind of “realism” (in the sense of, seems like the sort of thing people really believed in).

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