Tuesday Magic Item – Victor’s Sceptre

8 July, 2014

Submit to the victor's ruleThough they did not wish to they knelt before the conquering Prince-King Scimeri, clad in glittering mail and holding a sceptre lightly in his hand. 

“We have waited for years for this day,” said the Prince-King.  “Due to your efforts, constantly outmaneuvering my commanders and coming up with new stratagems to confound my staff.  There were time when we almost gave up, almost turned back, but do you know what stopped me?”

“What?” spit out Baron Asal.

“The fact that once we won, your talents at warfare, your exceptional talents, would be mind to command.”


“You think not?  That is the oath you will have to swear to me if you wish your people to stay alive and free of the yoke of slavery,” the Prince-King said, his smile hard and dangerous, the sceptre looking more like a weapon than a symbol of office.

Victor’s Sceptre

These scepters are rare, consuming considerable resources in their construction but are desired by any military commander who seeks to become a conqueror.  The sceptre is made of the hardest material available then gilded and decorated with enamels, marked with symbols of rule and conquest.

The sceptre is just a fancy decorative accessory until the bearer inflicts a military defeat on another group, then its powers become active.  Up to three times a day, it may impose a geas on one of the defeated people, there is no save.

If the sceptre is not used for a day, it may be used to impose a geas on up to one thousand defeated people at once but doing so prevents the sceptre from laying any further geasa for a month.

The geas may be broken if the bearer of the sceptre loses a war, losing a battle is not sufficient, all of the geasa placed by the sceptre are swept away.  The bearer of the sceptre usually does not survive such.

Aura strong enchantment; CL 17th
Slot none; Price 150,000; Weight 2 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, geas, mass suggestion, limited wish, creator must know the empower spell metamagic feat; Cost 75,000

Notes: Keep you friends close and your enemies magically bound to you.  Great as long as you keep winning.

Image from wikimedia commons by VIC CVUT and used under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.


  1. Wow. That’s serious.

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