Hello July, Goodbye June

30 June, 2014

Summer has arrived in my local area, with temperatures in the 98f/36c range with 90%+ humidity expected this week, though things have been hot here since June began.

July is named after that all around skilled politician Julius Caesar in his re-formalization of the Roman Calendar creating the Julian Calender (which, naturally, is named for him too).  So, in honor of Caesar, we shall be looking at governments, organization and people of ambition in the Sea of Stars.  As usual, if there is a particular subject you would like to know more about or see more of, please let me know.

Looking back over June, which was -as it happens-  the fifth anniversary of this Journal, it was a fairly light month for posting but did see the following:


Solstice Quest Item – Fern Flower

Campaign Report:

L5R Children of Destiny – Episode 6: Food, Shadows and Fire.  A little late, I know.

New Magic Items:

Fox Cape, be a cunning as a fox . . . or at least as sneaky.

Lin Zexu’s Spear of Propriety, purity is demanded and required.

Spider Hook, when you need to climb.

Storied Coup Stick, maybe your tales of bravery will be the one’s told.


Thunderscape: the World of Aden Campaign Setting

Racial Ecologies: Living Dolls

Short Reviews: Half (Elves) and Half (Orcs)


It is Free RPG Day with bonus PDFs

Five Years and a Day



  1. Still a number of good posts even in a light month!

    • Thank you. I try to only write when I have something interesting to say.

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