It is Free RPG Day today! (Now with bonus PDFs!)

21 June, 2014

Yes, it is that time of year again, Free RPG Day supported by a wide variety of the best and brightest in our industry, visit their site to see the wonderful things available this year.

You can find a participating store here but if you are in the North Georgia, US, area, I recommend Tyche’s Games in Athens, GA, where I do all my game shopping.

And remember to support the friendly stores that are supporting our hobby.

Edit: Hereticworks has provided a free OSR Module for the day as well, visit their fine site to acquire Clatterdelve.

Edit 2: Mobius Adventures have offered The Smiler, a 1-page spark, for free at RPGNow in honor of Free RPG Day.

Edit Final: More free stuff! Chubby Monster has provided The Pool of the Alchemist and New Big Dragon Games Unlimited has proved the Lost Caverns of Azgot for Free RPG Day at RPGNow.





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