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Tuesday Magic Item – Storied Coup Stick

17 June, 2014

Elk-Foot_of_the_Taos_TribeThe two tribes had agreed that the latest rounds of  insults and provocations, horse thefts and more,  could only be solved by combat and so they gathered on the field, young warriors and old , all ready to show their bravery.

But the bravest eschewed bow or lance, axe or war club, and went into the fight with just a coup stick or a bare hand.  They rushed ahead showing their bravery by dodging arrows and thrown lances and clubs and then dodging between the other armed warriors, evading weapons to touch their rivals with coup sticks or slap them with an open hand.

Their bravery did not always end well, some were cut or speared, but those who made it through to count coup, they inspired their allies and family to greater acts of heroism and effort.  In just a brief time, the two groups split apart, returning back to tell their own tales of adventure and bravery.

The matter settled . . . until next year.

Storied Coup Stick

These items are passed down from generation of warrior to generation of warrior.  Its appearance depends on where it is in the warrior’s cycle.  The coup stick of a new warrior will be plain and unadorned, while that of an old warrior will be decorated with many notches and often other decorations such as feathers or pennants.

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