Tuesday Magic Item – Spider Hook

10 June, 2014

Jarvos tossed the hook, and the slender line it was attached to, up to the roof.  To my surprise, it caught immediately, and he scrambled up.  I followed, finding the rope supple and easy to get a firm grasp on.

Arriving at the top, her disengaged the hook, letting the line fall.  He moved to the next position, hook and another line ready.  “How?” I whispered.

“A gift of a friend, always useful for such escapades.”

Spider Hook

These grappling hooks are made of what looks like black leather wrapped metal but is in fact alchemically treated chitin from giant spiders.  It is lighter than one would expect but well balanced for throwing.

The hook can generate up to one hundred meters (328 feet) of silk cord a day, this cord is capable of holding up to four hundred kilograms (882 pounds) of weight and is extremely easy to climb (treat it as a knotted rope even though it is unknotted).  The created cord breaks down in 1d3+1 hours and is extremely flammable, burning almost instantly.

The hook will catch on any decent throw and holds fast until pulled free by its owner or the cord is removed (by time, fire or blade).  If used as a weapon, it is treated as masterwork.

Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th
Slot – ; Price 5,306; Weight 3 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, spider climb, web; Cost 2,500 + 306 for the grappling hook

Notes: Why, yes, I did just watch the Amazing Spider Man, why do you ask?  Still a useful item for burglar and venturer alike.




  1. Combine this with the gecko-like pads DARPA is developing and you’ve got some outstanding climbing gear.

  2. Nice. Very practical. Though I am a bit leery of magic that allows too much freedom of movement in an RPG setting. Cousin Dupree, for example, had it too easy.

    • Well, it is better than using non-magical rope and grapple but far more limiting, mobility-wise, than a spider climb ability and much more so than flying of any stripe. But nice in that you do not leave rope behind, well, not after a few hours have passed anyway.

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