Tuesday Magic Item – Lin Zexu’s Spear of Propriety

3 June, 2014

Righteous in all things.The bundles of foreign poison have been gathered, Magistrate, and the barbarian merchants have been brought as you ordered,” reported the Lieutenant.

“Excellent work by you and your men, take your assigned positions,” the Magistrate replied, “and Lieutenant, grab a torch.  You may have the honor of starting one of the fires.”  He straightened and saluted before moving off to execute the orders.

The Magistrate took his place on a stand in front of the first of many piles of acshal, a foul and addictive drug brought by the barbarians to poison the people and lands of the Celestial-blessed Realm.  e looked to the huddled barbarian traders and said to them, “By what right do you use this poisonous drug to injure the blessed people? Even though you may not necessarily intend to do us harm, yet in coveting profit to an extreme, you have no regard for injuring others. Let us ask, where is your conscience?”  And with that he plunged his spear of office into the pile and it ignited.

The other men posted put the other piles to the torch, the flames leaping among the dry herbs and soon sending a plume of white smoke into the sky.

Lin Zexu’s Spear of Propriety

This weapon was made for the suppression of vice and the promotion of virtue -as defined by the Imperial patron who commissioned it- it is a potent symbol, effective weapon and useful tool.  Physically it is an exquisitely crafted spear, its broad blue steel head is inlaid with the Imperial dragon on one side and the Imperial seal on the other, the shaft is inlaid with steel and gold and a black silk tassel is tied beneath the spear point.

The spear is a master work weapon until the bearer takes up the duties required in service to the Empire, then it becomes a +3 bane of those imperially-proscribed spear that gives its bearer a +3 morale bonus to saves against mind-affecting abilities.  But as it was created in a time when the Empire was awash with foreign potions and chemicals, anyone it hit that is under the effects of either chemicals or potions is targeted by both a dispel magic (that only targets effects created by potions) and neutralize poison (that only targets chemical effects) if either effect triggers, the victim catches on fire suffering 1d12 points of fire damage until it put out.  The touch of the spear also ignites any proscribed intoxicants or potion that it touches.

However, the bearer of the Spear of Propriety is expected to live up to the high ideals of the office, especially abstinence from prescribed intoxicants and potion, should they touch the spear while under the effect of either, they suffer the same dispel magic and neutralize poison effects except when they catch on fire it is for 3d12 per round.

Aura strong abjuration and conjuration; CL 13th
Slot none; Price 75,302; Weight 6 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, detect poison, dispel magic, flame strike, neutralize poison, quest, remove fear, slay living; Cost 37,500 +302 for the spear

Notes: Inspired by the historical Lin Zexu who led the fight against opium in China in the 19th Century.

Art from Wikimedia Commons and is in the public domain.



  1. Seems like the perfect weapon for a Paladin.

    • Lin Zexu seemed pretty paladin-like to me.

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