Tuesday Magic Item – Harness of the Hidden Ways

27 May, 2014

Where do we go today?“Take this harness and saddle up Star, my dearest one,” the old man said.

“But why?”

“There are bad things coming and you must ride to take word to the city,” he said sadly.  “I will try to slow them down but you must ride to the river crossroad and take the east road . . .”

“But there is to east road there.”

“There will be if your horse is wearing this harness, now go!  Many lives are at risk is you tarry, now go and take the east road but do not leave the path until you arrive at the city.”

Harness of the Hidden Ways

These finely made harnesses are made of the finest leather with fitting of brass or bronze, subtly worked with runic engravings.

Any horse (or other equine creature) fitted with the harness is calmed, gaining a +3 morale bonus to saves against fear.

But that is its weakest power, the more important one is that it allows the rider, or driver if it is attached to a cart, to see the doorways to the hidden ways of the fey.

Once a day, under the right circumstances (twilight, a full moon, whatever is appropriate), the animal and all riding it or the animal and a small cart may travel these fey roads.  This functions as a Shadow Walk spell except that they are traversing the lands of the fey and must not leave the path if they wish to be safe.  There are some rules, the mount cannot be shod in iron shoes nor be wearing iron and any cart cannot have iron fittings or they will not be able to cross over.

The byways of the fey realm allow rapid travel but the fey may choose to play tricks on traveler or attempt to lure they off the path, a wise traveler will not leave the path, but not all who travel with such an item are wise.

Aura moderate illusion; CL 11th
Slot harness; Price 17,700; Weight 2 lbs.
Construction Requirements
Create Wondrous Item, detect magic, heroism, shadow walk, creator must be fey or allied with the fey; Cost 8,850

Notes: Another fey item to round out the month.

Photo by jenny dowling and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


  1. Nice! I like this a lot. It fits well with the fey style items, but I’d play up the chance of non-fey being tricked or getting lost a little more.

    • I wanted to leave that to the campaign style of those who would be using it. After all, sometimes you just need a way to get word to the Queen quickly.

  2. Awesome…cool miscellaneous item with mythological overtones that is a built-in plot generator.

  3. This is really awesome. Definitely an item I’d like to plop down somewhere in my hexcrawl.

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