Shadowrun, Shared Campaigns and a New Seattle Scream

15 May, 2014

It has been a while since I have done one of these but the Shadowrun campaign is still continuing on its more or less monthly schedule but I am trying to get a shared campaign world started to run parallel to the monthly campaign.

In the monthly game, Moonshadow (the elven rocker and shadowrunner) has not quite had his life implode yet but the two sides of his career are on a collision course, various plots continue to mature and this move forward.  You can see the results of some of this in the latest Seattle Scream (44).

Of the shared campaign, I suggested the following ground rules:

Shadowrun: 2070 Joint Campaign Guideline
Draft for Comment

To have a successful multi-GM campaign, we should agree to certain guidelines.

I suggest the following:

A Game Master can claim ownership of certain resources: characters, locations and corporations.  Owned resources are not to be used by other Game Masters in a major way without permission of the owner.

This is to promote continuity and give each GM their own piece of the world.

Sean claims:
Everything in the SRX5 file, the Rebel Network, Aztechnology and Horizon.

The world itself changes and evolves, time moves on and events happen.  The actions of the player characters can change the world (at least on a small scale).  Time passes and things change whether the player characters are there are not.

We will be following the outline of the official Shadowrun timeline with certain modifications:
•    The UCAS is just called the US by most people, only the stuffiest of official documents use UCAS, though it remains the ‘official’ name of the nation.
•    California is again part of the US, the California Free State having dissolved.
•    Kenneth Brackman will not become governor of Seattle as he died in a car accident. (See Seattle Scream #43)

Again, this is to build continuity and to show that the world is a living place as well as to that the world can be changed (for the better?).

Notes: People are selecting areas and it looks like we will have a loosely joined campaign with characters occasionally traveling between regions rather than overlapping games in Seattle.

If anyone out there has suggestions, to add I would be happy to read them.


  1. Very sensible guidelines.

    • I hope so, this is my 3rd shared campaign so I have a vague idea of how this should work. But communication between players/GMs becomes even more important.

  2. Noooooo, not Aztech!!!!

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