Tuesday Magic Item – Stockings of Seduction

13 May, 2014

Will save made or failed?Oh, that ankle, it haunted my dreams after seeing it on the dance floor.  Teasingly displayed, just for me, masterfully presented.

And the next night again.  On the stairway, so lovely and flirtatiously shown where I could not help but see it.  My blood was running hot and I hoped for another glimpse.  It was not long in coming, that midnight, on the balcony.  While they were talking to another, their leg was posed for me alone.

Sleeping was difficult, I had to confront them.  To find out the game they were playing.  Did they want me as much as I desired them?  Or was it all just a cruel trick.

The next night, on the veranda, I finally caught them.  “Sir, are you simply toying with this lady’s heart or do you want it?”

Stockings of Seduction

These stockings seem to be made of the sheerest silk with ribbons worked in at the top.  They are nearly impossible to damage are they are fey items woven of moonbeams, spider silk and cats’ purrs.

The stockings have the simple ability of, once a day when they are being put on, the wearer may choose their color, with a Will save (DC 15) they may even impose a pattern or design upon them but if the save is failed, the stocking will choose their own pattern or design for the day.

When the stocking clad ankle is revealed in a flirtatious way, those viewing it must make a Will save (DC 18) or find the wearer attractive and desirable.  This translates into a +4 enhancement bonus to appropriate skill rolls with the affected persons.  The bonus lasts one week.

The wearer may also attempt to up the stakes with someone who has failed a save against the stockings effects but that they have not yet interacted with.  They may again show their ankle to the effected person (up to twice in any day long period), the target gets another save, if they fail the value of the enhancement bonus increases by one (to a maximum of +8) but if they save, the entirety of the bonus is lost.

Once the wearer has used the stockings not only to inspire desire, but to take advantage of those desires, they feel a great compulsion (Will DC 21 to resist) to always wear the stockings when they go out.

While this item takes up the feet slot, it can be worn and used with other magic footwear also long as the wearer can present a finely turned ankle and calf, clad only in the stocking.

Aura faint enchantment; CL 5th
Slot feet; Price 1,300; Weight
Construction Requirements
Create Wondrous Items, disguise self, eagle’s splendor, suggestion; Cost 650

Notes: Remember there were many periods where it was fashionable for men to wear stockings as well.

Photo by Saffronie and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


  1. This is kinda awesome.

    • Glad you like it. Every now and then, a good social item is needed.

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