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My L5R games at GenCon

13 May, 2014

l5r-logo-lpOnce again, I will be GMing the Legend of the Five Rings RPG at GenCon for AEG.  In fact I have seven (!) sessions scheduled:

RPG1454530     Obsidian Night    Thursday 9:00 AM

RPG1454532     Light of Jade        Thursday 2:00 PM

RPG1454533     Light of Jade        Friday 1:00 PM

RPG1454463     Obsidian Night    Friday 7:00 PM

RPG1454534     Light of Jade        Saturday 10:00 AM

RPG1454531     Obsidian Night    Saturday 6:00 PM

RPG1454535     Light of Jade        Sunday 10:00 AM

Obsidian Night is the introductory adventure, so the rules will be taught to those who need to learn.  It will be pretty action adventury.   The characters need to escape from a breakthrough of Shadowlands creatures and survive to carry a warning to Imperial forces.  If you want to give the L5R RPG a shot, this is the session for you.

Light of Jade is the advanced adventure, so for experienced players of the L5R RPG.  It is courtly intrigue scenario with the Dark lurking in the shadows, in the court of the Moshi family in the Valley of the Centipede something . . . unfortunate has happened.  You are tasked by the Daimyo to discover the truth.

There are six tickets for each game but I always prep seven characters, so if you have time (and generic tickets) feel free to drop by and see if there is a spot.

Hope to see you there!



Tuesday Magic Item – Stockings of Seduction

13 May, 2014

Will save made or failed?Oh, that ankle, it haunted my dreams after seeing it on the dance floor.  Teasingly displayed, just for me, masterfully presented.

And the next night again.  On the stairway, so lovely and flirtatiously shown where I could not help but see it.  My blood was running hot and I hoped for another glimpse.  It was not long in coming, that midnight, on the balcony.  While they were talking to another, their leg was posed for me alone.

Sleeping was difficult, I had to confront them.  To find out the game they were playing.  Did they want me as much as I desired them?  Or was it all just a cruel trick.

The next night, on the veranda, I finally caught them.  “Sir, are you simply toying with this lady’s heart or do you want it?”

Stockings of Seduction

These stockings seem to be made of the sheerest silk with ribbons worked in at the top.  They are nearly impossible to damage are they are fey items woven of moonbeams, spider silk and cats’ purrs.

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