Tuesday Magic Item – Headband of the Animals’ Gift

6 May, 2014

Recently, Moors the Ranger had taken to wearing the hood of his cloak up, we all wondered why.  Until a strong gust flung it back revealing his ears which had grown tall and furred.

Who had he been eavesdropping upon?

Headband of the Animals’ Gift

These headbands are decorated with stylized animals with complex and intricate knot work, most are made of copper with a silver or gold inlay.

The Animals’ Gift is that of heightened senses, the wearer gains access to a +5 competence bonus to Perception checks, low-light vision and the Scent special ability.

Like many fey gifts, this one comes with conditions, when it is donned for the first time the wearer must say who they are using the animals’ gifts to protect and defend, it can be as narrow as a single person or as wide as an entire nation.  Whenever the wearer actively uses the animals’ gift for a purpose other than what they have sworn to protect, they are punished: if they used the perception bonus, their ears lengthen, becoming more rabbit or dog like, if low-light, their eyes become more bird or cat like or if scent, their nose becomes more like an animal’s muzzle complete with whiskers.  While the fey will not be bothered by this change in appearance, though they may be but what it symbolizes, but more mundane folk are likely to be disturbed.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 9th
Slot headband; Price 8,500; Weight
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, geas/quest, owl’s wisdom, polymorph, creator must be a fae or aligned with the fey; Cost 4,250

Notes:  A fey item was requested and here it is.  I like items with hidden costs and this one particularly amuses me.


  1. Classic. Entailments!

  2. Hidden costs, indeed. Good stuff!

    • I like magic items with costs, but you have probably noticed that.

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