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Tuesday Magic Item – Draga’s Sash

29 April, 2014

Here worn at the waistThere was fire and smoke, Princess Rosaline, fled from her room only to hear the distant cries of men and the clash of arms.  Suddenly, her lady in waiting Clarival was at her side, her clothes thrown on but her every present blue sash was tied around her waist.

“My princess, we must flee, it is a coup,” said Clarival.

“But where to?” asked Rosaline, her voice just above a sob.

“Your aunt in the west will shelter you,” replied Clarival.  “Robart is preparing horses.  You will be save if you can just get out before the find you.  Now, take my hand.”  The young princess gripped Clarival’s hand tightly and suddenly, the smoke was gone replaced with the earthy smell of the stables.

“How?” Rosaline asked, confused.

“My sash,” answered Clarival, “I am your guardian as well as your lady in waiting.  Now mount up.”

Draga’s Sash

These decorative sashes are usually made of silk in a solid color, usually one tied to the ruling house, and can be worn in a variety of fashions.  Its name comes from one of the most loyal of the ladies in waiting who sacrificed her life so that her princess could escape.

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