Tuesday Magic Item – Boots of the White-Footed Fox

15 April, 2014

The raiders were proving to be more than we, the local militia and the Baron’s rangers, could handle.  They struck without warning, sneaking into the villages and breaking into the houses to take what they wanted.   Fleeing before the militia could turn out and they could be tracked only out to the edge of the fields and a bit beyond, but once the tracks hit the sandy riverbank they vanished.

Even the one who had been grievously wounded by a lucky arrow from Thom, we followed the trail of blood to one of the barns but inside . . . nothing, just a pool of blood and no body.  Though Regs says that he say fox tracks leading out of the barn.

Boots of the White-Footed Fox

These boots are made of sand-colored leather and lined with fox fur and any buttons on them are made from carved fox bone.  They are far more durable than they would appear.

In most circumstances, the boots of the white-footed fox provide a +2 enhancement bonus to Stealth checks and the footprints it leaves behind are indistinct, causing a -1 penalty to any attempt to track the wearer.

But it is in the sandy terrain that the fox is from that these boots really come into their own, in such terrain they give their wearer a +5 enhancement bonus to Stealth checks, the wearer is always sure footed on sand and leaves no tracks behind (as if under the effects of a pass without trace spell).

However, as part of the power for the boots’ magic comes from the bound spirit of the fox whose fur was used in it construction, if the wearer dies while wearing them, they must make a final Will save (DC 19) or their spirit and body are consumed and the fox is restored back to life, leaving nothing behind of the former wearer.

Aura moderate necrourgy and transmutation; CL 9th
Slot feet; Price 7,000; Weight 1 lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, baleful polymorph, bestow curse, fly, speak with dead; Cost 3,500

Notes: Just playing around with magic items with flaws or unusual features.

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