Tuesday Magic Item – Black Mirror

8 April, 2014

“And thank you again for coming, Lord Selist,” said Castellian Vostall, clasping the lord’s hand.  “I have not felt well enough to come to the meeting of late.”

“It is quite alright,” said Selist.  “We all pray for your health.”

“Thank you.”  The door closed and Vostall hurried to the mirror, he pricked his finger on the black crystal and watched as the hidden secret of the Lord Selist play out before him.

Black Mirror

These rare items are prized by nobles and politicians, spy-masters and inquisitors, a large silver mirror in a decorated silver frame with a single clear teardrop shaped crystal at the base of the frame.

The mirror never tarnishes, though the frame will if not properly cared for, the crystal does not discolor and the point of the teardrop is sharp and will tear cloth and piece flesh if given a chance.  A drop of blood drawn by the crystal keys the mirror to an owner and briefly causes the crystal to swirl red.

To activate the mirror, which can be used once a day, the owner must give it another drop of blood.  The next person -other than the owner- who is reflected in the mirror causes the crystal to slowly turn black.  Once the crystal has been blackened, the owner may feed it yet another drop of blood and they mirror will show the deepest secret of the person.  It will only be an image, no sound is conveyed.  The crystal will clear once the secret has been fully revealed.

The flaw of the mirror is that the owner finds themselves compelled to use the information, recorded in a secret diary, used for blackmail, passed on to the appropriate authority, something.  Each day spent containing the information causes the owner to take one point of Wisdom damage that cannot be removed until the secret is used in some fashion.

Aura strong divination and necrourgy; CL 11th
Slot – ; Price 15,000; Weight 8 lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, bestow curse, contact other planes, detect thoughts, scrying, silent image; Cost 7,500

Notes: Always good to have a way for a villain to learn secrets, especially if they are then compelled to act upon them.



  1. More information at there fingertips, but less wise. It’s like a metaphor for the modern surveillance state. 🙂

    • Not intended as such . . . but it works.

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