April begins, March ending

1 April, 2014

April begins tomorrow with a day of tricks and misdirections, such deception not being my specialty do not expect anything clever from me except for a new magic item.

The origin of the name of the Roman month Aprilis is unclear, it may refer to the opening (aperire) of buds and flowers as Spring arrives or in some way to the goddess Venus, to whom it is a sacred month.

March, 2014, saw the following posts here:

Kickstarter Progress:

Rogue Island Playtest 2 completed!


Inspirational Viewing – Girls und Panzer.

New Magic Items:

Axe of the Arengo, serve as the strong arm of the Arnego to gain the full power of this axe.

Lost Legion’s Banner, restore them to honour!

Militia Spear, together we can keep our homes safe.

Stonewall Shield, the dwarves are masters of defensive, positional warfare.

New Monster:

Phantom Warrior, spiritual echoes of a soul with an uncompleted task.


Dragon Templates, Vol 1-3 (for Pathfinder)

Once Upon a Time (fiction anthology)


Follow Lei Fengs example!


  1. I think the Phantom Warrior was my favorite.

    • Glad you liked them. It seemed to fill a missing niche in the available types of undead.

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