Tuesday Magic Item – Axe of the Arengo

25 March, 2014

A cutting debate“The Arengo has ordered this to be done and so it must be done,” stated the Masters of Arms of the Alliance of Qurent, his heavily gloved hands resting casually on the axe of his office.

“But it in not our fight, why should we send our young folk to fight?” objected the priest.

“It in not my choice either, but my oath is to serve, and serve I will.  You have my word that I will do my best to keep them alive.”

“It will have to do,” sighed the priest.  “I will come with you, you will need the service of a skilled physician and I serve the Arengo as well.”

“You will be welcome.”

Axe of the Arengo

These fine weapons are made as both symbols of authority as well as practical weapons, assigned to those who serve the Arengo directly as commanders or enforcers. They are made of dark metal and dark wood, made from trees grown in the lands ruled by the Arengo. The symbol of the Arengo is etched on one side and that of the office on the other.

By itself, it is simply a +1 battle axe, all of the other powers are unlocked by the wielder swearing an oath of office to the Arengo which is in turn accepted by them. Once that has happened, it becomes a +2 keen battle axe that is bane against those that have been specifically named by the Arengo as enemies of the state.

By accepting the oath and duty, the wielder is bound to into service of and to follow the orders of the Arengo as if under the effect of a quest spell. Even if they lose the axe, the commitment to serve remains until released by the Arengo, but they are also always aware of where the axe is in relation to them.

Aura strong abjuration; CL 10th
Slot none; Price 27,310; Weight 6 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, keen edge, locate object, quest, slay living; Cost 13,500 +310 for the axe

Notes: The Arengo was the assembly that ruled San Marino and I just thought it sounded interesting.   Design wise, it is built around the idea that rulers are not going to hand out weapons that can be turned against them, at least, not easily.  But such items should be used in moderation so as not to frustrate the players.

Photo License Attribution Some rights reserved by griannan.

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