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Tuesday Magic Item – Lost Legion’s Banner

18 March, 2014

Be brave when you fight beneath meIt had taken three years of hard campaigning, convincing the villages to cooperate and let some of their brave young people leave to join the slowly growing ranks of the liberators.  But today, today it was all worth it.

The Bandit Earl Comran the Knight-killer and his men drew up in their ragged ranks, assorted bandits, mercenaries and killers.  Across the field from them was the militia of the valley, blooded and determined but ill-equipped, united under the torn banner of the Knights of the Peak who had once defended these lands before their Order was betrayed and slaughtered by Camran.  The village minstrels struck up the march of the Knights of the Peak and joining the ranks of the militia were the phantoms of the Knights slaughtered by Camran, eager to redeem in death the Oath they could not keep in life.

Lost Legion’s Banner

These banners are damaged and battered, often with ancient bloodstains, it is only barely recognizable as the symbol of a once proud fighting force.  The shaft it is mounted on is equally worn though still serviceable.

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