Tuesday Magic Item – Militia Spear

11 March, 2014

“Again the raiders come, but this time we are ready for them,” growled Old Edgar, his knuckles white, his grip was so tight on the spear.

“They are arrogant and it will be there undoing,” agreed Little Karl, barely old enough to join the militia, he was here to fight at his father’s side.

“Now!” shouted Jana the Blacksmith, the elected captain of the militia, as they charged the raiders, their spears ready.

Militia Spear

These simple spears are imbued with the strength and dedication of those who have used them to defend their homes and families.  They are often decorated with hand made flags or other tokens from their friends and family.

Singly, it is just masterwork long spear, but when ten or more people wield militia spears in a unit, they are treated as +1 long spears and as long as one member of the unit makes their save against a fear effect, a member who failed the save against the same fear effect may reroll once.  When a unit is fighting directly in defense of their homes, each member may call upon a prayer as a free action, once a day.

Aura faint abjuration; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 2,850; Weight 9 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bless, prayer, remove fear; Cost 1,250 + 305 for the weapon

Notes: Dedicated militia in large numbers should be at least a credible threat if not an overwhelming one or viable allies.  Even with the militia spears, they do not exactly cause people to shake in their boots but they have a much better chance of striking a few telling blows.

An interesting item to price, and it may be price too high, as it is very conditional.


  1. I like the idea of making militias more competent, given the extreme lethality of the average fantasy milieu. However, I wonder whether a village in possession of 10 or more masterwork spears would be better off selling them and hiring mercenaries instead (Seven Samurai style). I’m thinking this item would fit better in a frontier village than in a more civilized area, where the need for a militia might be obviated anyway by a more active centralized military or guard force.

    • The spears in this case are “masterwork” because of the belief in them as noble tools of defense. It would be hard to sell them on for more than a fraction of their implied value.

      Further, mercenaries are, at best, only good for one season and as liable to turn on you as bandits would. And a militia could easily count retired adventurers and soldiers among its number. In the Seven Samurai (and successors) it is ultimately that the farmers are willing to fight to save their village, not just the presence of the mercenaries, that allows them to do so.

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